In addition to shipping, you have the option of picking up your orders from our studio in Potsdam-Babelsberg during regular opening hours.

Shipping inevitably produces CO2 emissions (as with pick-up in store, of course, depending on the means of transport you've chosen). That's why we try to make shipping as environmentally friendly as possible.

We send our packages exclusively with DHL Go Green. GoGreen makes a contribution to climate protection by offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by transport by supporting various climate protection projects.

For packaging, we use a mailer made from recycled material that can be recycled again, and we avoid unnecessary filling material.

We charge a flat rate for shipping, regardless of size and weight. This contribution to shipping costs does not fully cover our costs, especially not for larger orders. The amount of the shipping fee depends on the country of delivery:

  • Germany = €4.99
  • European Union countries = €14.99
  • Rest of Europe (mainland, non-EU) = €24.99
  • United Kingdom = €29.99
  • International = €34.99 (AUS, CAN, HKG, ISR, JAP, COR, NZL, SGP, UAE, USA)

For Germany and Europe we bear the shipping costs from a minimum order value of €100.00 or €250.00, respectively.

Completely free shipping and free returns are still common practice with some e-commerce providers, but they reflect neither the actual effort nor the ecological consequences. Thank you for your understanding.